Today's prompt for Vlogmas is ‘Why I Podcast',but as I don't podcast I'm changing it to ‘Why I blog'.

Unlike the past few days,我对这个提示的回答没有任何问题。

There are lots of reasons why I blog.我从哪里开始呢!?I'm going to tackle each reason individually…

Why I'm a travel blogger | The vwin手机客户端Travel hack

To document my life and preserve my memories

The main reason I blog and the reason this all started was as a way to document my life.I've always been a journal writer.I love the cathartic process of writing out my thoughts.

Writing helps me figure things out as I release a jumble of thoughts onto the page and rearrange my words until they make sense.

我喜欢的另一件事是把日记读回。徳赢ios苹果生活中有那么多微小的瞬间,很容易忘记,但是记录下这些瞬间,whether it's through words,photos or videos,helps me remember even the tiniest and seemingly inconsequential moments in your short but precious life.

To help others

I started blogging primarily to record my memories,但一个偶然的副产品是一篇信息丰富的博客文章,它可以帮助其他人复制我所做的。


I think that was the moment blogging changed for me.This was when blogging became 徳赢ios苹果about more than just me and it became about informing others and potentially helping them book incredible holidays.

To earn money

And then blogging changed again for me when I started making money from it.我不会掩饰这一点,因为通过我的博客谋生是让我保持动力的重要部分。If I didn't earn money through my blog then I'd definitely still do it,但我肯定我不会经常这样做,我可能会消失几个月,没有听到我的一句话。

I earn a very healthy income through my blog and I'm super proud to have turned my hobby into a business that supports my family.

If you want to know more 徳赢ios苹果about earning money through a blog,看看我的电子课程,The Blogger Course,我的注册my blogging newsletters在那里我发送博客小贴士和我的月收入报告。

To challenge myself



Anyway,back to my point.I'm on my way to Saudi Arabia.Would I be flying to Saudi Arabia if I didn't blog?地狱号Would I have done half the cool things I've done over the past 10 years if I didn't blog?不,not a chance.


If I sat at home all day every day then I wouldn't have an awful lot to write 徳赢ios苹果about,so I push myself to do interesting things in order to have some interesting stories to share!And yes,sometimes that means visiting countries that I wouldn't ordinarily visit.


Another by-product of blogging is the endless list of skills you pick-up.

When I first started blogging I had a lot of stories to tell and a lot of enthusiasm for sharing those stories with the world,但是我没有任何技能去写博客。I wasn't very good at writing (despite having an English degree!) I couldn't take a decent photo,I wasn't on social media,我不知道SEO是什么,I didn't know how to code,我不能拍视频,I didn't know anything 徳赢ios苹果about online marketing,我不擅长社交活动,I didn't know how to pitch,I didn't know how to write a report,I didn't know how to track my statistics in order to learn and grow and improve.我什么都不知道!

But since starting a blog I've learned all these skills and so many more and I'm sure I'll continue to learn new things as the years go on.



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Monica is the founder and editor of The vwin手机客户端Travel Hack.2009年,她离开英国,在亚洲和澳大利亚旅行了两年,开始写博客。她现在是一个专业的博主,为了寻找时髦的冒险旅行,她周游世界。莫妮卡最近生了第二个孩子,并决心证明带着孩子旅行是可能的!

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  1. 刚开始的时候,你有没有感到不知所措,因为有那么多的技能需要学习?It's a long list of skills to build and I'm sure they didn't all happen overnight,so how did it feel learning them while also trying to build a business?

    1. To be honest,it was very different went I started blogging.这是2009年,我认为没有人知道博客的潜力。I didn't know of anyone doing it professionally or making a living from it so there wasn't the same kind of pressure to learn all the skills and be really good – because no one was really good.我认为这既是好事,也是坏事。People progress in blogging so much faster now because they have all the lessons and courses and inspiration they need to learn those skills but it was nice to start at a time where there was no overwhelm or pressure.

      But I actually still feel the overwhelm now,比10年前多得多。There's still so much to do!I tend to set myself one job for everyday and focus on that one job.If I try and do everything I end up feeling like I'm getting nowhere.

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