I’m not sure when it happened but did you know that the Lake District has become a real foodie destination?With gastro pubs aplenty as well as stylish cafes and fancy hotel restaurants, the Lake District has a lot to offer when it comes to foodie temptations.The Lake district is undeniably one of the most beautiful places in the UK and what’s better than working up an appetite with a hike through the countryside and finishing at a traditional pub for a hearty local meal!?

In today’s blog, Rebecca Sharp, the blogger behind几乎生姜, is sharing her foodie guide to The Lake District with all the best thing to eat and where to find them!


Traditional Lake District cuisine has to be experienced first hand to be appreciated.On the surface, sizable portions of meat and cake could be easily dismissed as standard English comfort food produced to help us survive our cold, wet weather.But it’s rarer than you might think to find classic Lake District dishes outside of the county and it’s the story (whether it’s true or not quite true) behind every dish that makes Lake District food truly unique.

Let’s check out the traditional food and drink in the Lake District and some of the best restaurants in the Lake District that serve authentic dishes.

What to eat in the Lake District

  1. 坎伯兰香肠

There isn’t a more quintessential food to eat in the Lake District than the Cumberland sausage.It’s the UK’s only protected sausage recipe and can only be produced in Cumbria/the Lake District.Naturally, us locals are very proud of it (take that, Lincolnshire!)

Unlike most other sausages, the pork is chopped, not minced, and flavoured with spices like ginger, pepper and nutmeg.It’s usually served on a bed of mashed potato and gravy.Nothing better to perk you up after a wet walk across the Lake District fells!

If you order Cumberland sausage from a restaurant and they throw a couple of butcher names at you, pick either.Locals sometimes take it too far and have an affinity for a certain butcher.But just be glad the restaurant cares about where they buy their sausages.Either Cumberland sausage will be delicious!

哪里:野兔和猎犬in Bowland Bridge and孔T”墙in Bowness-on-Windermere are both great, but virtually any traditional pub will serve good Cumberland sausage.Head toRB伍德尔if you want to take some home as they have a Royal Warrant.

Bangers and mash

  1. 贺德威克羔羊

A slightly more obscure Lake District delicacy is Lamb Henry.It’s debatable whether this dish originated in the Lake District or our neighbours in the Northeast, but we’ve adopted it as our own.Lamb Henry is essentially a lamb shank but made with the shoulder instead of the leg, marinaded and served with mint sauce.Authentic Lamb Henry is made from Herdwick lambs which are local only to the Lake District.The lambs are so robust, they can survive for up to three days buried in the snow by eating their own wool.I bet even Bear Grylls can’t do that.

As you can probably tell, Lake District food is classic, hearty pub grub made from local ingredients with comfort and warmth in mind.It’s not sophisticated but then neither are the locals (I say that as a local)!

Where to find the best Lamb Henry:在木草堂in Braithwaite and贝雷斯福德的餐厅和酒吧in Bowness-on-Windermere

  1. 霍克斯黑德津津乐道

Hawkshead is a historic little village near Coniston in the Lake District and is home to the Hawkshead Relish Company.What started as a small, local business making artisanal preserves and chutneys has boomed into a huge business with stock in supermarkets up and down the country.

They still run their original little shop and production in the village of Hawkshead in a 16thCentury converted barn.霍克斯黑德津津乐道 produces over 120 chutneys, preserves and relishes but several are still traditional Lake District flavours including Damson jam, Sticky Toffee sauce and Westmorland chutney.

哪里:霍克斯黑德公司津津乐道in Hawkshead

  1. 李子

说到黑紫色,小李子是本机腊克语e District fruit (specifically, the Lyth Valley) and is used in cheese, jam, wine and more importantly gin.Damson isn’t a very common fruit in the UK because it needs a really specific micro-climate to thrive including lots of wet, mild weather which the Lake District is known for providing in spades.

Sadly, the intensely-flavoured fruit is in danger of dying out in the UK.The demand for the traditional plum is decreasing so farmers are no longer replanting the damson trees.Festivals like Damson Day in the Lake District are hoping to revive a love of damsons.So, if you could say that by sampling as much damson gin as possible (responsibly, of course) then you’re contributing to a much-needed damson fruit comeback.Win-win!

哪里:该湖酒厂在巴森斯韦特 and the西洋李子日节in the Lyth Valley held every April

  1. 肯德尔薄荷饼

Kendal mint cake is one of the most well-loved Lake District snacks which might seem odd when you find out what it is.It’s literally a chocolate-bar sized block of sugar (with glucose syrup and water to hold all the sugar together) flavoured with peppermint.It’s known as the ‘oldest energy bar’ as it was developed over 100 years ago to give hikers a boost of calories and carbs to help them through a long day fell walking.

Romney’s Kendal mint cake shot to fame in 1953 when Sir Edmund Hillary summited Everest and packed 38Ilbs of Kendal mint cake for the expedition.Nowadays, it’s a piece of local history that visitors can purchase in any gift shop for under £1.

哪里:Any gift shop in the Lake District like在制造坎布里亚in Kendal or湖区HUTTONSin Bowness-on-Windermere.

Quiggins Superior White Kendal Mint Cake

  1. 置顶太妃布丁

The sausages are nice and everything but the best food in the Lake District has to be the sweets.Everyone needs to try sticky toffee pudding in the Lake District!As with all great dishes, there has been lots of debate over who invented this beautifully indulgent desert in the 1970s.Sharrow Bay Restaurant in Ullswater, one of the best restaurants in the Lake District, claims one of their chefs was inspired by a Canadian RAF Pilot’s liberal use of maple syrup on his desert.Toffee sauce was used as a substitute to drizzle over figgy sponge and the famous dessert was born.

Regardless of who created the pudding, the South Lakes town of Cartmel is the place best associated with the desert and the best village in the Lake District to taste it for the first time.Try it with cream, ice cream or custard – it’s always delicious!

哪里:卡特梅尔村店in Cartmel and共用车道箭头标记湾酒店餐厅in Ullswater

sticky toffee pudding with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce

  1. 姜饼

姜饼 was definitely not invented in the Lake District, unfortunately.But a special kind of gingerbread is exclusively baked in Grasmere and it’s a cross between the gingerbread cake and gingerbread biscuit we all know and love.Cake and biscuit should be mixed together more often, I think.

Sarah Nelson is credited with inventing the Grasmere gingerbread during the Victorian years in 1854.Its popularity grew quite simply because people tried it, loved it and told all their friends about it.Sarah Nelson’s home is now the Grasmere Gingerbread Shop and they still bake her gingerbread every day (to her secret recipe) along with other local sweet treats like rum butter.

哪里:在格拉斯米尔姜饼店in Grasmere

Non-traditional things to eat in the Lake District

  1. 鱼和薯条

Sometimes, you just want a plate (or takeaway box) of good old fish and chips, especially on a trip to the Lake District.Whilst Whitby and the east coast is more synonymous with this traditional dish, there are plenty of top-notch chippies in the Lakes.

哪里:天使巷Chippiein Penrith and老Keswickianin Keswick

  1. 面包店

Perfect for lunch, some of the best restaurants in the Lake District are actually cafes and bakeries.The Bluebird Café in Coniston has spectacular views over Coniston Water and serves Cumberland sausage buns and homemade cakes.Broughton Village Bakery has won heaps of awards, including Best Bakery in the Northwest and is the ideal café to visit if you’re craving some delicious scones.

哪里:该Hazelmere咖啡及烘培in Grange-Over-Sands,布劳顿村面包及咖啡厅in Broughton-in-Furness and蓝鸟咖啡店科尼斯顿

  1. 亚洲美食

Similar to the Lake District’s history with rum and spices, Asian food found its way to the English Lakes via sea.Nowadays, everywhere in the UK boasts amazing Asian restaurants but there is a staggering amount in the Lake District.The best restaurants in the Lake District for Asian food include The Jumble Room in Grasmere.Their menu (like their décor) is all over the map serving Persian lamb rump (from local lambs), Malaysian seafood curry and Palawan stir fry.

哪里:在混乱间in Grasmere and土井Intanon泰国餐厅in Ambleside

What to drink in the Lake District

  1. 霍克斯黑德啤酒

I have to admit, the beer and ale options in most pubs and restaurants in the Lake District leave a lot to be desired.While city bars are revelling in the craft beer boom, countryside pubs are propping up the mass-produced breweries like Thwaites and Robinsons.

But there is one shining light in a sea of average golden ales: Hawkshead Brewery.他们傲然挺立在霍克斯黑德的小谷仓和今天有一个巨大的,工作啤酒厂每天早晚开放供游客参观。他们也有一个大的酒吧间和他们的餐馆,啤酒厅,提供美食佳肴就像是迷你汉堡,烧烤排骨和啤酒受虐的鱼。走出约40湖区啤酒厂,他们是在湖区和霍克斯黑苦最广泛使用的精酿啤酒可能是最深受喜爱。


  1. 科尼斯顿酿造有限公司




  1. 湖酒厂







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