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Here are some of the best travel beauty hacks I've picked up after years of travelling.

HAIR: For beachy waves without salt or heat

Product: A simple head band

If you want easy peasy beachy waves without actually having to dunk your head in the sea or using hot styling tools then try this simple little hair hack.Get a bog standard stretchy head band and place it around your head.Spray your hair with water so it's damp then wrap your hair around the head band.像这样睡一觉,或者留几个小时,当你解开头发的时候,你会看到美丽的海滩波。

洗完头发后2-3天(头发有点脏的时候)效果最好。) as it holds in place better so you might want to pack some dry shampoo too.


This YouTube video shows you how to do it:



The obvious hack here is to not get sunburned,但意外发生了,很容易最终看起来更像龙虾而不是你希望得到的金青铜。When you're travelling somewhere hot I'd always recommend packing Soleve.It's a lotion for sunburn relief and is lovely and soothing on hot skin.It also includes ibuprofen for pain relief and anti-inflammatory effects.

你可以得到Solevein Boots,塞恩斯伯里乐购药房和独立药房,it comes in a 100ml bottle so you can pack it in your hand luggage.

FACE: Avoid shiny sunscreen face

Product: Matte foundation

Even the most expensive,专门为你的脸制作的无油防晒霜仍然让你有光泽,greasy looking face – especially when it's hot,通常是在你涂防晒霜的时候!!

I recommend usingNo.7 Beautifully Matte foundation.非常,very matte but goes on perfectly when you've just layered your face up with factor 50!当你没有像防晒霜那样的油性基层时,感觉更像水泥,but it's great when you do!这是一个很好的基础,它不消耗地球,所以完全可以将它作为你的备份基础,纯粹是在你旅行的时候。


FACE: For when you can't be bothered applying makeup


Let's face it,当你又热又出汗的时候,化妆是你最不想做的事,通常会让你看起来更糟而不是更好。But an easy alternative to make-up is simply a bright lipstick.You can dress up any outfit with a quick swipe of your favourite lippy and you don't need to worry 徳赢ios苹果about panda eyes or sweaty foundation.

Lady Danger by MAC is my fave

HAIR: Taming crazy hair


有些日子你的头发一文不值,所以是时候拥抱凌乱的发髻,用一个colourful head scarf.You've probably already noticed that I'm always wearing a head scarf when I'm travelling and that's quite simply because I usually can't be bothered to do my hair.

Vintage stores are a great place to find small scarfs

EVERYTHING: A multiuse product

Product: Coconut Oil

如果你的空间不足,那么最好的产品是椰子油。It's a great moisturiser but can also be used to remove makeup or on the ends of your hair to protect it from the sun.


Product: Powder foundations,布朗泽胭脂等

最简单的方法,以避免你的化妆打破,而你的旅行是购买化妆不能打破。买一些像古铜色粉底,腮红和眼影,因为定影粉会破裂,最终你会失去所有。Loose powders are more difficult to apply when you're on the go (try applying it on a train and you'll see what I mean!) but you can save a lot of money because you don't have to chuck it away every time it cracks and goes everywhere!!

这些来自美体小铺的眼影立方体也很棒。And yea,I have no idea why I have a green one either!??


Product: Vapur Water Bottle

Everyone knows long-haul flights dry out your skin and I've read so many bloggers recommending expensive moisturisers and fancy products.But in my experience,the best thing is to drink loads and loads and loads of water.And then drink a little bit more because it's never enough.Hydrate your skin from the inside out.我真的很喜欢Vapur water bottles因为你可以在旅行结束后把它们叠起来。But if you do want some fancy moisturisers,去免税店,在你的航班前使用所有的样品。


老实说,当你旅行的时候,你会去那里玩,to make memories and have a great experience.You're not there to look like a model so let's stop trying!有这么多的Instagram帐户,女孩们在度假时看起来一尘不染,but remember that it probably took hours to get that perfect shot.



Do you have any more travel beauty hacks for the list??

*This post was created in collaboration with Soleve.

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    1. I've never got on with the Lush solid products.I hear so many travellers rave 徳赢ios苹果about them but they're just not right for my hair and skin.我需要看看有没有其他品牌能做到这一点,因为它们看起来比假装在机场安检上要容易得多!!

  1. I have to say,我爱你的博客是多么真实和实际的。有着完美头发和化妆的女孩和徳赢ios苹果最漂亮的女孩是如此的真实,floatiest red dress on top of a mountain.我不知道其他人的情况,但我徳赢ios苹果穿着登山装备走上山,不是舞会礼服!!Thanks for keeping it real and reminding us all that we don't have to be something we're not!!

  2. 这些提示很好!I am super excited 徳赢ios苹果about using a headband to get the beach waves look.Most days I just throw my hair in a pony so this is a wonderful low key alternative!!

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