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So you’re going to Taipei and you’ve just hit enter in Google for “things to do in Taipei, Taiwan.” Congrats!You found the perfect bucket list for things to do in Taipei!

Taipei is a lesser known Asian metropolis but the capital of Taiwan is jam packed with things to do for the whole family.Here are the top things you can’t miss in Taipei:

Must-see landmarks in Taipei

Taipei 101

At a whopping 1,667 feet tall, Taipei 101 is the 10thtallest building in the world.Inside the tower you’ll find luxury dining and shopping.Even if you’re a budget traveler it is still a unique experience as you can go up to the top floor for an amazing skyline view of the whole city.

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

This landmark was built to commemorate Chiang Kai-shek, former president of the Republic of China.It consists of several massive, ornate buildings and a large open area called Liberty Park.Most people go to view the changing of the guards ceremony that takes place at the beginning of each hour.The ceremony is similar to the guard changing ceremony at Buckingham Palace in London.

专家提示:Get there a few minutes before the hour starts to get a good standing spot!

Hiking and outdoor activities in Taipei

Keelung Mountain/ Market

Keelung Mountain is a little outside of Taipei city (in Jiufen) but it is totally worth the 30-40 minute drive.

Once you arrive there are paths you can take for rigorous hiking, but if that’s not your thing you can head to the markets.The Jiufen markets are my favourite!They are so quaint and have a different feel than the usual night markets.Be prepared for narrow streets and a LOT of steep steps.But also some of the best street snacks and gorgeous views.

专家提示:Go here during a weekday afternoon if you want to avoid the Asian mosh pit.

Yangming Mountain National Park

This area is a bit outside of the city to the North.It is full of hiking trails through the rolling hills and amazing overlooks.

Night Markets and shopping in Taipei

Shilin Night Market


This is one of the largest and most popular night markets in Taipei.If you’re looking for the full-on night market experience of loud, crowded, and cheap, you’ll have a lot of fun here.

Raohe Night Market

城市地区:东北。This is a smaller night market but it still has all of the same adorable souvenirs.This market may be a better option for a family trip.

Tamsui Market


Tamsui Market is outside the city, located by the ocean side.If you are taking the metro, it is the last stop on the red line.It is a trek to get to but, again, totally worth the extra time!The view is unbeatable no matter what time of day you go, but it is especially breathtaking at sunset.This would be a fun place for kids as it is not usually crowded and there are some fun treat options (like a foot tall ice cream cone!)

Underground Mall – Taipei Main Station

Area of the city: West

This is one of my favourite mall experiences in the world and is found in the west of Taipei.For some reason it feels so different to be walking through long corridors and doing all of your shopping underground.This would be a great shopping trip for the whole family.The walkways are wide so it is not crowded.And there are areas to stop and sit throughout the mall.

专家提示:If you like books, there is a cute book shop called Eslite here that I recommend.

Ximen Night Market

Area of the city: West

If you like the “bright lights” city feel, this is the market for you.It reminds me of Times Square in New York City.There are tons of domestic and international franchises here to curb any shopping or food appetite you may have.

专家提示: If you’re up for a whole day of shopping, you can go to the underground mall during the day and then go here at night.It will save travel time since they’re in the same area of the city.

What to eat and drink in Taipei

Boba Milk Tea

Prepare to see this EVERYWHERE.台湾 loves its dessert drinks, especially milk tea.Boba milk tea (also called bubble tea) is an icon for Taiwan.的“气泡”,在泡的茶是木薯球。它们是一些后天的味道。如果你从未有过他们,他们是一个有趣的质感,非常密集和耐嚼。你可以像李玟或Comebuy专营几乎任何一个角落找到茶波巴。














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