Hold up a minute.周末?在梅诺卡岛?隐马尔可夫模型,that's probably something you hadn't thought 徳赢ios苹果about before.

但是,从英国起飞的短途、经济实惠的航班加上一个小型且容易到达的岛屿,there really is no reason why you can't visit Menorca for a long weekend.Actually,你没有理由不会去曼诺卡度个长周末!!

巴利阿里群岛拥有迷人的海滩和我们梦寐以求的水上海洋——最好是从岩石栖息处潜水,俯瞰一个完全荒芜的原始海湾。食物真是太棒了,有很多事情要做,it's really quiet but you can find some lively action if you're looking for it,the weather is fabulous…and did I mention the beaches??

I recently visited Menorca for just 3 nights and 2 full days and,你知道吗?太棒了!当然,我本想参观一周的,但7天的假期很少,而且相隔甚远,周末游更容易实现。



I flew to Menorca from Manchester with Vueling.I flew home with Thomas Cook.Flights start from around £100 return.

During the peak season flights are very frequent.They're less frequent during the winter and shoulder seasons,especially if you're not flying from London.


我呆在Hotel Audax,an adult-only hotel in a gorgeous location.


If you'd like to see a lot during your short time in Menorca then I'd recommend hiring a car.Pick it up and drop it off at the airport and you'll be free to explore at your own pace.

Menorca isn't exactly well known for its public transport so if you're short on time you don't want to be restricted by bus timetables.



我们开始了一天的海上皮划艇远足Menorca en Kayak.埃斯格雷厄位于梅诺卡东北海岸。It's a typical Menorcan fishing village in an unspoiled nature reserve.美丽的海滩平静,shallow waters ideal for swimming and kayaking.It's also a favourite for families with young children,especially because it's so quiet midweek.

Menorca is said to be the best destination in the northern Mediterreanean for sea kayaking so you really can't miss the opportunity to take to the water!Our two-hour paddle was incredible as we explored the coastline,调查了小海湾,discovered mini-waterfalls and visited a hidden beach.Once on the shore we climbed along a rocky footpath to caves in the cliff face where people used to live and admired the incredible views from our secret spot.

A basic level of fitness is needed for this but you don't need to be overly fit.I was 4 months pregnant when I went and I was fine.(OK,Jai from Savoir There and I did need to be towed to shore on the way back but in our defense it got a little choppy and I was tired!)

After your kayaking trip you'll want to spend some time on Cala en Porter beach which is absolutely stunning.There are basic shower facilities you can use to freshen up.


Cala en Porter Beach Menorca

在商业区的Es Moli des Raco吃午餐

You will have undoubtedly worked up quite an appetite with all that kayaking so head to Es Moli des Raco in Es Mercadal.这座漂亮的风车很好用,传统的菜肴,在很大程度上是当地的秘密。你不会发现很多游客,但你会发现美味,authentic food.

Do as the locals do and take your time over lunch.在坐下来放松之前,喝点酒,享受一些课程。


商业区是一个位于门诺卡中心的小集镇。It's home to rustic,whitewashed houses and narrow winding streets that snake through the medieval centre.



food in Menorca

Cheese and meats in menorca

访问Monte Toro

After lunch hop back in the car and drive up to Monte Toro,岛上最著名的景点之一。Monte Toro is Menorca's highest mountain at 357 metres (still a tiddler so you can see this island is pretty flat!)

它被认为是门诺卡的精神中心,自13年以来一直是朝圣之地。century.Legend has it that the name,Monte Toro(或El Toro对当地人)comes from a bull (el toro) which led some monks to a statue of the Virgin Mark that was carved into the rock face.I heard a few different versions of this story but you the statue is still in the monastery at the top of the mountain!!

At the top you'll also find an imposing statue of ‘Jesus of the Sacred Heart'.他的手臂张开,祝福在西班牙-摩洛哥战争中牺牲的人。还有一座石碑,纪念1830年至1962年移居阿尔及利亚的门诺族人,when it was a French colony.


Views from Monte Toro,梅诺卡岛

Optional Stop – Naveta d'es Tudons

If you're interested in history you'll want to make your next stop Naveta d'es Tudons.This is one of the main tourist attractions in Menorca and is said to be the most remarkable megalithic chamber tomb on the island.

If you're not that into history and you're short on time then I'd skip this option and move on to the next.不过,请欣赏一下这张照片…


Final stop – Ciutadella

Ciutadella was my favourite place in Menorca.漫步于美丽的城市,感受乡村的魅力,鹅卵石街道,美丽的老建筑和令人惊叹的港口。




[column size=one_half position=last ]Bike in Menorca[/column]

Views outside cafe Balear in Menorca


Café Balear是岛上最著名的餐馆之一,以龙虾汤而闻名。In the summer months,customers will queue all the way down the street for their famously fresh seafood caught on their own fishing boats each morning.

Make sure you book a table to avoid missing out.

Cafe Balear

Making Lobster soup

Cooking with fire

Delicious lobster soup at Cafe Balear



昨天忙了一天之后,我相信你今天早上一定想放松一下。花点时间在酒店里,在池子里取小费,在海里打滚。徳赢ios苹果If you've opted to stay at Hotel Audax you may even treat yourself to a treatment in the spa.Just soak up the sun and enjoy those crystal clear waters.

Sunrise in Menorca from hotel Audax

Lunch in Es Castell

At around midday head to Es Castell,one of the prettiest places I visited in Menorca.This little town in the east of Menorca is a beautiful fishing harbour.Es Castell is also a haven for restaurants,bars and cafes.


我们吃饭埃尔特尔博尔我听说这是卡斯尔最好的餐馆。Opt for the enormous seafood platter and don't miss the gin sorbet afterwards.

Es castell

El Trebol-es Castell酒店






午餐后前往马洪,曼诺卡的首都。It doesn't have the same charm as Ciutadella but it's a lovely city and well worth a visit.It's also great for shopping.

在电报上查一下这本指南things to do in Mahon.


Views over Mahon

If you're a gin fan then make sure you spend some time in a bar sipping the local gin,杜松子酒。It's served with lemonade and goes down dangerously well on a hot afternoon!!


Menorcan gin

Sundowners at Cova d'en Xoroi

In the evening make sure you visit科瓦恩德索罗伊,可能梅诺卡岛最著名的酒吧。它坐落在岩石表面,日落时有一种很好的氛围。



[列大小=一个半位置=最后]如果你有更多的时间在Menorca,那么看看这些帖子,寻找灵感做的事情。Personally,I'd probably spend my final day lazing by the pool and soaking up the sun!!

Massive thanks toMenorca TourismThe Travel Mobfor organising my trip to Menorca.

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    1. Exactly!海鲜和白葡萄酒俯瞰大海是最好的。
      And yes,it was a busy weekend.We actually did A LOT more than is on this itinerary,a cut out quite a lot of stuff to add some down-time and relaxation.You can't have a weekender without a bit of relaxing!!

  1. 你的照片让我毛骨悚然!So gorgeous… Silly question,但你是否注意到药店或是停车和商店是否容易到达?Tend to always,always forget something essential like a toothbrush 🙂

  2. 我已经很久没去过梅诺卡了。On the drive from Mahon airport to the resort on the west coast I remember saying that it reminded me of Ireland with sun,because of the green fields and stone walls.


    在岛上开车去发现它的秘密是件轻而易举的事。There is really only one main spinal road between Mahon and Ciutadella with all other roads branching off it to both the north and south coasts.

    I tink it is time for a re-visit 🙂

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