The Gothic Quarter,orBarrio Gotico,位于巴塞罗那老城的中心,and plays host to some of the most beautiful historic sights the city has to offer.For today's post I caught up with a friend of mine living in the city to find out some insider tips on exploring the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona.So,如果你在找吃的地方,drink and explore in the Barcelona Gothic Quarter,this post is for you!!


19世纪和20世纪的建筑拼凑,complete with Roman and medieval sights to see,you can almost feel the history as you stroll through its labyrinthine cobbled streets on a hot,sunny day.But Barcelona's Gothic Quarter isn't just one for the history-seekers – with its diverse and colourful array of tucked-away bars and authentic restaurants,music venues and brunch spots,it's a one-stop-shop for all things characterful and charming in Barcelona.

This post is written by a friend of mine who moved to Barcelona when we finished uni – nearly nine years ago (that's a scary thought!) – and she offered to write some blog posts 徳赢ios苹果about her home city.She has that unique perspective on the city,seeing Barcelona as both a local and an outsider.I think these people are the best city guides as they appreciate all the little details around the city like a tourist would but know it as well as a local.


Here are some things you can't miss in the historicBarrio Goticowith the ultimate guide to the Gothic Quarter Barcelona.

Places to eat and drink in the Barcelona Gothic Quarter:

Go for tapas at Els Quatre Gats

When it first opened in 1897 on the famous蒙特西卡尔,,四只猫是巴塞罗那自己的毕加索的一个很受欢迎的地方,他于1899年在那里主办了他的第一次展览。It became the meeting place for Barcelona's thriving artistic and bohemian scene at the turn of the century.Though it remained boarded up for most of the 20th century,in 1989 it threw open its doors to the public again – keeping its historic and artistic character in tact.Nowadays,it's a bustling,丰富多彩的餐厅和酒吧,提供正宗的加泰罗尼亚小吃和饮料,with the occasional live music too.我们衷心推荐您参观这座历史悠久的艺术家之家的住所——它将使您及时回到巴塞罗那充满活力的过去。


Drink Vermouth at El Refugi

Drinking Vermouth,orVermutas the locals refer to it,is practically a religion in Barcelona – so it would be foolish not to give it a try while visiting!强化葡萄酒,它在西班牙内战期间成为工人阶级中的一种流行饮料,当时它是在巴塞罗那的沿海地区用桶装着当地的海鲜供应的。塔维纳斯.Be sure to ask for the维尔穆特卡塞罗– the house version,而不是意大利的替代品。The best house Vermouth around is made atEl Refugi,a tiny bar run by an eccentric but very welcoming couple tucked away in the beautiful帕萨奇·德拉帕乌几分钟后兰布拉大道.当你正午坐在他们的家庭画像中,喝着一杯苦艾酒在哥特式的巴塞罗那四分之一区,你会觉得自己像个本地人。

Guide to the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona


Try潘特拉河at Tasca El Corral

潘特拉河,or ‘Panther Milk',is a milk and alcohol based concoction,rumoured to have been invented by the Spanish Legion who mixed medical spirits with condensed milk to aid their recovery in hospital.当时著名的是在哥特式时期的拉巴雷蒂纳(传统的红色加泰罗尼亚帽)长时间封闭的酿造。Just round the corner from the infamous La Barretina,“豹奶”仍然是可爱和有个性的塔斯卡埃尔科拉尔onCarrer de la Merce.据说,在战争期间,著名的火药喷溅提供了额外的“踢”,被肉桂所取代。它有一种神秘的粉红色调——但这种饮料令人惊讶地美味可口,会带你回到这一段喧闹的日子。Barrio Gotico.


On a lazy Saturday morning,especially if you've had a few glasses ofvinothe night before,head toFederalfor a brunch that's full of flavour,and sets you up for a full day of sightseeing ahead.With outside seating in a pretty little courtyard,全套素食早午餐和咖啡供您选择,a visit to this stylish but hearty cafe is a must whilst wandering around the tiny streets of the Gothic Quarter.如果你带着你的笔记本电脑一起吃工作早餐,他们甚至有一个共享的工作台。我们特别推荐鸡蛋奥尔诺– baked with all kinds of delicious vegetables and spices.



为了真正体验大海,,La Plata是一个迷人的街角小吃吧,是一个快速而便宜的午餐的好去处,尤其是在去海滩的路上。It's still got the same four classic dishes that it had when it opened its doors in 1945,但是当你尝试他们的炸鱼时,你会明白为什么!这里有当地的现成啤酒和加泰罗尼亚葡萄酒,which you can have a go at drinking from a traditional Catalanporron(想想酒瓶和水壶之间的某个地方)——如果你敢的话。简单而谦逊,this tiny tapas bar will welcome you with open arms and promises tastiest seafood you've had in a while.


See the historic Barcelona Cathedral

Barcelona Cathedral,或Catedral de la Santa Creu i Santa Eulàlia,,是您参观巴塞罗那哥特式区的必看景点。Head down to the crypt to see the tomb of Saint Eulalia,巴塞罗那的守护神,据说她因信仰被罗马人残忍地折磨和杀害。Built between the 13th and 15th centuries,在里面你会发现一个有花园的漂亮回廊,complete with fountains where you can make friends (or not) with the cathedral's 13 resident geese – one for every year Eulalia lived.It's awe-inspiring interiors feature gargoyles carved into the roof,有传言说,许多小教堂和十字架在勒庞托战役中帮助打败了土耳其人。

vwin手机客户端Travel Hack Tip:参观大教堂时,如果你不想在门口被拒绝,一定要披上你的肩膀,穿上朴素的衣服!!


Barcelona Cathedral

See some live jazz at the cosy Jamboree club

Located in the magnificentPlaça Reialjust minutes from Las Ramblas (which features one of Gaudi's lesser known works – the lampposts!),a visit to the Barcelona Gothic Quarter is nothing without a trip toJamboree Jazz.Often lauded as the best jazz club in Spain,this atmospheric underground joint with brick walls and sloped ceilings has been graced by the likes of Ella Fitzgerald and Chet Baker,and continues to attract a fun and funky crowd of local musicians to this day.抓住机会,在一个亲密的环境中欣赏世界级的爵士音乐家,或者在星期一晚上去看一场完全即兴的即兴即兴即兴的即兴即兴即兴的即兴即兴即兴演奏会,当地的天才们正在不断涌现。The music doesn't stop there though: when the gigs finish,it transforms into a nightclub where you can dance the night away!!



Plaça Reial

Lose track of time in Placa del Pi

环绕教堂的小广场松树圣母圣殿is the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city for a few moments of tranquility.字面意思是“松树广场”,是以曾经矗立在中心的那棵大树命名的。the square hosts an artisanal food market every first and third Friday,一个月中的星期六和星期天,在那里你可以品尝一些加泰罗尼亚美食。Explore the gothic architecture of the church itself,or head to one of Barcelona's best丘里里亚斯just off the square in卡雷佩特克斯.Equally,just sit on a bench and take in the calmness of this secluded little square,right in the heart of the old town.




When carrying out some renovation works in the 1930s,a whole network of Roman ruins were discovered underneath the heart of the old city.Witness for yourself these 1st-6th century AD ruins that lie preserved within the历史博物馆.博物馆就在Plaça del Rei,,一个中世纪的庭院,被认为是15世纪费迪南德国王和伊莎贝拉女王用来庆祝克里斯托弗·哥伦布从美洲归来。And it's directly underneath this courtyard that you can explore Roman baths,factories,living quarters and artefacts that used to make up the city as we know it.没有更好的方法来了解历史的各个层次Barrio Gotico!!

Local guide to Barcelona's Gothic Quarter

Do you have any more suggestions for things to see and do in the Gothic Quarter Barcelona??

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