If you haven't been (and tbh,even if you have!)here are eight reasons why I know you'll love Bali too…


#1 The People

If,像我一样,你经常旅行,你已经知道大多数探险家都很友好,chatty people and that locals are usually more than happy to show you their home.然而,这是巴厘岛的下一级!The Balinese are the most smiley people I've ever come across.

它们是温暖的,真诚的,经常告诉你他们是多么的卑微,你选择了参观他们的家。从五星级酒店的员工到稻田里勤劳的农民,you'll always have a friend in Bali.



vwin手机客户端旅行黑客提示:Book a half-day cycling tour so that you can immerse yourself in all their beauty.


#3 Infinity Pools

With such natural,beautiful scenery it's probably not surprising to hear that most of the stylish hotels in Bali have an infinity pool (or two).Most of them have been positioned perfectly so you feel as though you're swimming in the jungle or rice paddies.Sheer bliss!!

vwin手机客户端旅行黑客提示:我呆在Komaneka at Tanggayudaand would definitely recommend their infinity pool (and the rest of the property!)查看booking.com,这样我就节省了一吨的订票费。

巴厘岛,Bali Blog


把食物吃光。巴厘菜不仅好吃,但这也是一件艺术品。A plate of rice is transformed in Bali.它通常被放在香蕉叶的圆锥体中食用,或者像火山一样出现。They also like to go heavy with the courses,所以,调整自己的节奏,准备一场盛宴,因为你不会错过任何一场盛宴。Trust me.

vwin手机客户端旅行黑客提示:Try Nasi goreng (a fried rice dish).


Bali really does deliver in terms of romance and why wouldn't it?有阳光,beautiful nature and wildlife,and some of the most incredible hotels.You'll find that you can book  couples spa treatments at most hotels,包括花瓣浴和夫妻按摩。大多数酒店和餐厅也提供“浪漫晚餐”,他们都出去了,设立一个私人用餐区,配备鲜花和蜡烛以及您自己的私人厨师/服务员。




在巴厘岛有很多很酷的冒险活动,包括日出时的火山旅行。对,it's an early start but wow,这是值得的。你不必成为超级巨星,mega fit (though that helps),但你需要一个向导和一个火炬。

vwin手机客户端旅行黑客提示:提前预订以避免失望,还可以比较私人旅游和团体旅游的价格。You'll often be surprised at the marginal difference.

#7 The Contrasts

巴厘岛由不同的地区组成,all of which has its own distinct character.Kuta is popular with younger party-goers,Ubud with those looking for a spiritual place to unwind,Semyinak for the more upmarket and glossy spots.显然,就像任何有交叉路口的地方,但是如果你对巴厘人的特殊体验有信心,那就去最适合你的地方。如果你想找点东西,那就跳过去,徳赢ios苹果spending one or two-nights in different places.

#8 The Cuteness

Whether you're a dog-lover or a monkey-lover,你会在这个岛上找到这么多可爱的人。I saw loads of cute puppies – even one on the volcano trek!And if you love monkeys,well then you definitely need to visitMonkey Forest.Everywhere you look you'll spy one and trust me when I say that they're not shy.Be prepared for them to come right up to you,especially if you have food in your hands,你的包…到处都是。They'll find it!!

巴厘岛,Monkey Forest

你去过巴厘岛还是在你的愿望清单上?Do you have any more reasons to love Bali??

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  1. I spent a month in Bali last summer and absolutely loved it!虽然海滩不如吉里岛那么美丽,巴厘岛以其独特的文化弥补了这一不足,食物和冒险。我特别喜欢乌布。这真是一个令人惊叹的地方。

  2. Great post!我完全同意人民的意见。我去过的每一个地方,Indonesia has the nicest,最热情、最乐于助人的人。They are alway smiling and ready to help travellers.I would probably be that happy to if I lived on such a beautiful and diverse island too!!

    1. Ah I'm so excited for you!你会过得很愉快的,我敢肯定!I stayed in one hotel for this trip simply because it was my honeymoon and I wanted to force myself to unwind.然而,I know a lot of people spend a few nights in different places.很容易相处,徳赢ios苹果so you could base yourself at one place and then just travel in/out from there.

  3. 烧焦,,

    你的名单让巴厘岛听起来像是我完美的度假目的地。我喜欢平衡冒险和放松。So with adventures like volcano trekking and hanging out in the Monkey Forest,完美的是,我可以在一个无限大的游泳池里尽情享受,温泉疗程,and/or a long dinner.Thanks for showing us the variety of experiences Bali has to offer.


  4. 我现在在东南亚,and I'm loving the rice paddies!Infinity pools and adventure are big selling points for me too!也许在我计划好的几个月去菲律宾之后,我可以挤出一小段巴厘岛之旅……🙂

  5. 可爱的帖子!I'm from Bali actually.I'm so glad that all of you love Bali.你需要探索在乌布骑自行车。Such a great idea.在Tjampuhan山欣赏美景,it's makes you know the real Bali.There is also a Barong and Kecak Dance that you can enjoy the show in the evening.你去巴厘岛的时候我们能在这里碰面会很好吗??

  6. 可爱的帖子!I'm from Bali actually.I'm so glad that all of you love Bali.你需要探索在乌布骑自行车。Such a great idea.Pass a nice view of Tjampuhan Hill,它让你知道真正的巴厘岛。There is also a Barong and Kecak Dance that you can enjoy the show in the evening.你去巴厘岛的时候,如果我们能在这里见面就好了。

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